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About Me

I love coffee (…but not Starbucks).


I have an irrational fear of running out of condiments.


I am also a Libra…and also an Enneagram 2.


I am mildly obsessed with personality assessments: ENFP, Hufflepuff House, True Colors: Blue


My favorite flower is a Fireweed because I believe beautiful things can bloom from ashes.

I have no formal training, but

dancing makes my soul happy.

My Story

I am a Masters Level Counseling Student at Texas A&M University San Antonio (Go Jaguars!). I spent the first fifteen years of my career in sales and communications, but always held Counseling as a little dream tucked in my heart. During the pandemic, I was part of the Great Resignation (or great personal “Investigation” as I prefer to think) and made the <best> decision to go back to school to pursue my Counseling degree. I have a heart for miscarriage and infant loss and currently work as an intern with the Children’s Bereavement Center. It is my honor to sit with people in the sacred and difficult space of grief. 

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